Hardware Glazing & Gaskets



Alu-Timber utilises a range of hardware such as handles, locks, friction stays and restrictors. Apart from unique components, all Alu-Timber systems utilise hardware selected from standard catalogue items for Euro-groove fitting.


Generally, all glazing shall comply with the requirements of BS 6375 and BS 6262: 1982, British Standard Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings. Glazing beads and gaskets allow for glazing of 28mm units. Depending on the configuration, glazing beads are fitted internally or externally. Drainage of glazing and opening lights is an important aspect of design. Profiles have drainage slots in the glazed recess and rebated areas to ensure ventilation and drainage of the rebates as well as providing a water barrier.
Where specified, hermetically sealed double glazed units shall comply with the requirement of BS 5713 : 1979. The specifi cation of hermetically sealed double glazed units shall be as stated in the works section.

Glazing materials are high performance pre-formed non-structural gaskets complying with the requirements of BS 4255, Part 2.