Alu-Timber Merging Materials

Timber: Creating a Palette of Textured Timber Colours

Option 1 Engineered Timbers

Technological advances mean that traditional softwoods are now processed and are classed as Engineered Timbers. The Engineered Timber is laminate bonded, which means that knots and deformities are removed from the centre of the section. The laminating gives the timber about seven times the stress factor of solid oak and increases its stability by 30-40% compared to its solid equivalent. Three layers of timber are bonded together, each layer of the timber is finger jointed along its length. This method of processing creates dimensional stability by eliminating bowing and twisting, creating higher deflection loads. This method of timber treatment creates minimal wastage as well as an aesthetically pleasing smooth wood grain finish. Engineered timber comes from abundant forests which are forestry farmed sustainable sources, compliant with FSC, PEFC accreditation. Engineered timbers are available in Softwoods, such as Spruce/Pine, Ash, Larch and Eucalyptus.

Option 2 Solid Timbers

For specific projects, other timbers, with the same accreditation, are available such as Oak and Ash. Due to their strength, these woods are
classed as solid timbers and merely treated with a water soluble lacquer to ensure their design life.




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